A feature length documentary and love manifesto to Salmon, foregrounding its spiritual and material importance to Indigenous peoples along the Fraser River. An urgent call to rethink our relationship with the natural world. (Runtime: 55 mins)
A co-creation by Moccasin Footprint Society and Morro Creative
Written and Directed by
Bev Sellars and Garry Tutte
Produced by
Bev Sellars and Hemas Kla-Lee-Lee-Kla (Chief Bill Wilson)
Editing and Cinematography        
Garry Tutte        
Underwater Cinematography        
Fernando Lessa        
Additional Camera        
Andrea Vela Alarcon        
Nate Slacko        
Music Composer        
Julien Verschooris        
Nuskmata (Jacinda Mack)        
Hemas Kla-Lee-Lee-Kla (Chief Bill Wilson)    
Sound Mixer
Jean Vanhaelen
Kookaburra Colour
Post-Production Services
Morro Creative
Associate Producer        
Brittany Prince-Cox            
Andrea Vela Alarcon
Special thanks to the participants who shared their personal stories and connections:
The Salmon (The Spirit Who Swims)    
The Fraser River        
Mike Sparrow     
Michael Sparrow    
Roger Adolph
Neawana Michell    
Quesnel Lake                
Jean William    
Clara Camille        
Cecilia DeRose              
Dave Feil
Fort St. James        
Sara Sam
Nak'albun Elementary School    
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